The John (maudie) wrote,
The John

Once again, to everyone that came to the going-away party, thank you.
And thank you for the outpouring of love and support over LJ - I read that when I wasn't feeling so good, and it really helped me - you kids are amazing.

Rice is good. It's a little summer-campy right now, what with all the orientation games and such.
They're fun, but sometimes I just feel empty - there isn't a single person from Alabama in my college - people keep telling me they love my accent, though. Go figure.

I don't really miss home, per se. Going home can't make me feel more comfortable here. However, I certainly miss all of the Tuscaloosa people - I hate having to re-define my personality here. It makes me feel fake. I wish I could just make stupid faces at the people here and have them know that that's just typical John.

I don't know about this roommate business, either...I really got lucky with Pat - he's so agreeable and laid-back, and we even have SOME things in common, but I just can't stand not having ANY PRIVACY. EVER. I hate having to constantly think about someone else's feelings all the time, but again, I could have gotten much worse.

I will warn you that my posting will probably be really self-indulgent and mopey for a while - feel free to ignore, but I just have to have somewhere to vent. This isn't going to be easy, but this place just might be as amazing as I thought it was.

I love every last one of you kids. So much.

P.S. - I don't know about #7 in the nation for ugliest girls...there is definitely some potential here, haha.
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