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Been a while.
It was so surreal, being at school today. It just seemed like a dream. A long one. A long boring one.

Dude. We went to Voodoo Fest.
I had so much fun with all three of you kids.
Conor - thanks for taking us/driving - it was a once-in-my-lifetime kind of opportunity. Thank you.
1. Green Day
2. The Pixies
3. Snow Patrol
Honorable Mention: Beastie Boys YEEEUH BOYYY!
The Killers weren't that great...Phantom Planet was surprisingly good. Sonic Youth was...abyssmal.
The ride home was REALLY quiet...I hope everything's OK...?

I saw Garden State tonight. Beautiful.
I need that movie on DVD and Hero. Right now. And the REAL Snow Patrol CD (the new one). And maybe the Phantom Planet one, too. And the REAL Green Day one, too. And I need to stop spending money like I have a source of income. And I need to finish my application to Rice. And I need sleep. Fin.
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