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I have to go out there, put on the smile, and either be happy (despite feeling like I've already lost so much), or be doomed to social exile.
I am going to be so homesick, so depressed, but I have to fight it. I have to prove to myself that that place really is amazing as I thought it was when I visited so long ago.
On top of that, I have to work my ass off to impress the parents and to satisfy that strange urge in myself that simply won't settle for anything less than a 4.0.

It was really nice having a get-together tonight, but leaving those 4 standing there hurt so bad.
When will I see you kids again?
I've decided to pick up this LJ business again and maybe even the accursed Facebook, strictly as a means of keeping in touch.
I'll try to post pictures to let you kids know I'm doing arright, even if I'm not.
And know that no one will ever replace any of you.
Thank you to everyone who showed up tonight.
Grove Street 4 fucking life.
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