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Hmm...been a while.

So...I definitely got accepted at Rice, which I am very excited/nervous about. Oh well - I have until next August to deal with it. And now that I think about it, the excitement far outweighs the nerves. So much has already happened over the break. It's been a pretty good one so far, but these days get long without school to consume them. Soccer practice continues, and I have mixed feelings about the whole thing... Half of me feels so accomplished afterwards, while the other half wishes I had slept an extra hour and a half instead. Tonight was alright - nothing special. And tomorrow I might go to Birmingham, but then again I just recalled that I promised my sister and brother-in-law (that still feels weird saying those words...) I would go see a movie with them at Tuscaloosa's NEW FANCY theatre. By the way, is it 'theater' or 'theatre'? Just for the record.

General Statements:
1. I really, REALLY hate it when people call me out about something to make themselves feel better.
2. I really, REALLY hate it when people change the story.
3. I really, REALLY never want to watch that movie. Please... don't make such a big deal out of it next time. It only embarrasses me further.
4. I really, REALLY think the whole situation is sad, but I am so damn close to quitting altogether.

So maybe the last two weren't so general. Oops.

Sorry if this one sounds kind of down - it just kind of came at me from all sides today.
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