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Leatherface sucks at life.

Why aren't the weekends fun anymore?
I mean - don't get me wrong - tonight was fun, thanks to Dora, Wesley, and Kat, but it's like we can never find anything to do anymore. We always have fun just sitting/driving around and talking, but it's like all of a sudden these past three weekends have been pretty damn boring. Hopefully we'll find something to do tomorrow.

Sunday is Easter - I always get sick on Easter, no joke. Hm. I think I'm ready for it to be summer, but that means full-time work and still nothing to do on the weekends. Actually, I'm not ready for the summer - I'm ready to go back to the beach with my friends. I'd kill a man to be on the beach right now, hanging out with everyone.

Otherwise, life is...boring. Work is work. The GM has started cutting my hours because I had to ask for so many days off this month. Just wait till she sees May. Beee-yitch! School is school - my classes all suck now because a.) my 1st period teacher is freaking out about the upcoming AP test, b.) My 2nd period teacher is insane. No, really., c.) My 3rd period teacher decided to go uber-bitch on us after being awesome for the first 2 6-weeks, and d.) My 4th period teacher shafted us with a lame seating chart. The semester started so happened?

This week looks arright, though - Check out to go to BHam Monday, church trip this Friday. Finally, something to do on the weekend! This could be just what we need.

If Monday doesn't help, I'm giving up. But then what?
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