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Well damn. It's been a while.

Gah...I'm really quite obsessed with that song right now. It's just looping over and over and over again. That song and The Get Up Kids' Eudora have really contributed to my happiness over the past few weeks. Cage because it rocks; Eudora because I listen to it in the shower before work.

Waitaminnut - Work, you say? Yes, work. I can't believe that my lazy ass finally entered the work force, either (but in truth, I got the job largely due to Kat's persuasion). Anyway, the ABC is a pretty good place to work... the co-workers are all awesome, and the hours are reasonable. The pay sucks, but I consider that a fair trade seeing as how I often come home tired but laughing from that night's events.

School is flying by, and I still have to take all my tests...ACT, SAT, and the 2 SAT IIs that I have yet to pay for. Dammit. I actually take my ACT (or is it SAT...?) on the last weekend of Spring Break. Spring Break week. Fuck.

Spring Break isn't going to be a big deal this friends are staying in town, and I'm helping Ben move into his new apartment. Should be fun. Hopefully I won't have to work too much...I believe the dumb-ass GM thinks I have school that week, so I should be working the 5-close shift all week. Rock. Life is good, kids.

I missed you.

I need someone to watch CB with...any takers?


I thought not. Heh - L8r.
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